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Are you curious about Cumulus Trinity but not ready for a full box? The sample pack is perfect for you then!

The sample pack includes:

2x - 90mg Mild Power Packets

2x - 180mg Medium Power Packets

2x - 280 Max Packets Power


Cumulus Trinity Energy Drink Mix Is Your Work Day Energy That Gives You Energy Options! Whether You're Someone Who Can Get Enough Energy From Just A Little Bit Of Caffeine Or Someone Who Needs More Caffeine, We Have You Covered. 

Choose From 3 Energy Options, With Each Level Paired With The Perfect Amount Of Theanine To Deliver A Smooth Energy Experience While Also Helping You Focus To Get More Done. There Is:

90mg Of Caffeine - Which Equals Approximately One Cup Of Coffee's Worth Of Caffeine

180mg Of Caffeine - Which Equals Approximately Two Cups Of Coffee Worth Of Caffeine

280mg Of Caffeine - Which Equals Approximately Three Cups Of Coffee Worth Of Caffeine

Each Packet Also Delivers Productivity Accelerating Nootropics in Theanine and L-Carnitine, Along With Immune System Defending Vitamins C & D3.

Take Full Advantage Of Your Day And Get More Done With The Right Energy Level For You

Directions: Depending on how much flavor you like in your energy drinks, you can adjust the flavor intensity by adding more or less water. For someone who likes more flavor, add about 16oz of water, or about halfway for most water bottles. If you like a medium amount of flavor, add 20oz of water, or about 3/4 the way full for most standard water bottles. Like just a little bit of flavor? Fill up your water bottle to almost full to dilute the flavor. 

Customer Reviews

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Sean Barthen
sweet and delicious

Did not know what to expect from this drink. I did enjoy all the flavors they tasted great. Will be buying more soon.

My new go-to

Great flavor, easy to mix, felt energized and focused, no crash at all. I will be ordering again!

Want A Strong Flavor?

If you're someone who likes their energy drinks with a strong flavor profile, just add about 12oz of water - or about halfway for most water bottles

Want a medium flavor?

If you like your energy drinks with a decent amount of flavor but nothing crazy, just add 16oz of water - or about 3/4 full for most standard water bottles

Want a light flavor?

If you like just a little bit of flavor in your energy drinks, just add 20 - 24oz of water. It's about a full water bottle for most standard water bottles

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